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INTRAINERS is currently working on a couple of projects for ski training.

The Alpine Ski Gym is one piece of equipment designed specifically for high standard Gyms.

In the Alpine Ski Gym we are reproducing the strength of the component of gravity and centrifugal force , pulling the skier proportionally trough the turn , from his center of mass , as if we were in real skiing .Pressure on the external ski , canting , etc is a must to work on the ski machine.

Security implements have been installed on the Alpine Ski Gym to make sure to be able to work strength with maximum loads without any risk.

The Alpine Ski Gym is being developed to reach the fitness marked on prices ranges of 8.000 euro to 10.000 euro. We expect to be selling the product at end year 2013.



The  Alpine Ski Centrifugal is a unique training tool development that uses 2 electronic motor shafts at the time. With that ski simulator we can accelerate and turn the skier at the selected degrees of side incline when turning or even climbing a wall. As we work with tremendous accelerations the security is capital. To avoid any risk of accidents we have dressed the machine with movable floor so there is not differences of speed skier in motion / steady floor what minimizes any risk at falling.

The  Alpine Ski Centrifugal will be available for about 50.000 euro and the expectation is to be ready on 2013.